IP & CA Sushil Bansal

IP & CA Sushil Bansal

IP & CA Sushil Bansal

CA. Abhishek Mishra

Designated Partner, Kishangarh (Rajasthan)

Total experience : 24 Years

FCA, DISA (ICA), CISA (USA), Forensic Auditor

Insolvency Professional,

Empanelled in MCA – Independent Directors

Registered Valuer (SFA) (IBBI)

IBBI Registration Number:

IBBI RV/06/2019/11974

Core Competence & Industry specific experience

Core Competence & Industry specific experience Chartered Accountant with 24 Years+ of experience in the field. He is a IBBI Registered Value for the Asset Class: Securities or Financial Assets and a Member of ICAI Registered Valuers Organization. He is having more than 2 year experience in the field of valuation and so far he has conducted close to 20 valuation assignments for different companies belonging to different sectors. The nature of companies for which he has conducted valuation include Start-ups catering to revolutionary technologies like providing end to end solutions to farmers, providing renting platform for Plant & Machinery & engaged in Artificial Intelligence.

Experience in Valuation Profession

Companies engaged in Rail Network, providing Financial services, operating Super Market Chains, providing Media Services, providing High Immersion Training & Assessment Platforms & Engaged in Food & Agriculture.

Experience in Professional capacity

He has been in practice as chartered accountant since 1997 in the field of direct and indirect taxes, Statutory and internal audits of corporates, Banks, PSUs etc.He also has expertise in Project finance. He is also qualified as forensic auditor. He is qualified in DISA (ICA) & CISA (USA) and doing system audits since 2008