CA. Ankit Goel

CA. Ankit Goel

CA. Ankit Goel

Founder Partner, New Delhi

Total experience : 10 Years

Core Competence & Industry specific experience

Valuation of Shares and other financial instruments, Debt Syndication, Working Capital Management, Loan Applications & Project Management, Nursing and rehabilitation of Sick Units, rescheduling and restructuring of debt and equity Transaction Advisory Services, Preparation of Resolution Plan, Audit & Assurance, Direct & Indirect Taxation Advisory and Compliances.

Experience in Valuation Profession

As Managing Partner of AAAG & CO LLP, Chartered Accountants, he has handled more than 50 Valuation assignments before incorporation of AAA Valuation Professionals LLP.

As Founder Partner of AAA Valuation Professionals LLP, a Registered Valuer Entity recognized by IBBI, has handled more than 50 Valuation Assignments involving Book Value of Assets of more than 22,000 Crores.

His involvement in Mergers and Acquisitions Segment of the AAA Group helps him have updated knowledge of various Industry Segments

Public Speaking and Content Writing

Actively speaks on Valuation and Forensic Audit related topics at various forums, including events organized by NIRC of ICAI, EIRC of ICAI, ASSOCHAM, CEV IAF RVO, AIIOVF RVO, PVAI RVO, IIV RVO,ACVA RVO, IICA, SBI Gurukul, etc.