Other Valuation of Companies Act

In case a company is inviting secured deposits and provides for security by way of a charge on its assets as referred to in Schedule III of the Act excluding Intangible Assets of the company for the repayment of the amount of deposit and interest thereon, such issue of secured deposits shall not exceed the value o relevant assets. Such a valuation is required to be conducted by a registered valuer [ Rule 6 of companies (AOD) Rules, 2014]

A company other than a listed company, which is not required to comply with the Securities and Exchange Board of India Regulations on sweat equity, shall not issue sweat equity shares to its directors or employees at a discount or for consideration other than cash, for their providing know-how or making available rights in the nature of intellectual property rights or value additions. The sweat equity shares to be issued shall be valued at a price determined by a registered valuer as the fair price giving justification for such valuation. The valuation of intellectual property rights or of know how or value additions for which sweat equity shares are to be issued, shall be carried out by a registered valuer, who shall provide a proper report addressed to the Board of Directors with justification for such valuation [Rule 8 of Companies (SCAD) Rules, 2014.

An Unlisted company may make a provision of money for the purchase of, or subscription for, its shares or its holding company, if the purchase of, or the subscription for, the shares by trustees is for the shares to be held by or for the benefit of the employees of the company. The valuation at which shares are to be purchased shall be determined by a Registered Valuer [Rule 16 of Companies (SCAD) Rules, 2014.

As per SARFAESI Act, 2002 and Rule 8(5) of Security Interest (Enforcement) Rules, 2002, before affecting sale of immovable property, authorised officer is required to obtain valuation of property from an approved valuer. With its Partners being ‘Registered Valuers’ under Wealth Tax Act, 1957, AAA Valuation Professionals (I) LLP may be appointed for the valuation of Mortgaged Immovable property and Movable Assets for the purpose of fixing their Reserve Price for auction by Banks, Financial Institutions, NBFCs

AAA Valuation Professionals (I) LLP may be appointed for computation of Fair Value Measurement as per IND AS 113 for the purpose of determining Fair Value for compliance with IND AS 16 – Property, Plant and Equipment & IND AS 40 – Investment Property.