Approved Valuer under The Black Money Act 2015
Our partners are registered as approved valuers u/s 77(1) of The Black Money (undisclosed Income and assets) and Imposition of tax Act, 2015 read with rule 15 of Black Money rules 2015 and can therefore provide representational services before any tax authority or the Appellate Tribunal, in connection with any matter relating to the valuation of any asset, for any matter involving valuation u/s 77(1) of the said act.

Valuation under the following statutes need to be undertaken by Valuer registered under The Wealth Tax Act, 1957. AAA Valuation can take up such assignments as its partners are ‘Registered Valuers’ under The Wealth Tax Act, 1957. Such assignments would include:

AAA Valuation also has tie-ups with Merchant Bankers wherever required.