Registered Valuer Entity with IBBI, having a Pan India presence.

  • Amount advised Rs. 30,000 Cr.
  • Our Reports can be used for SEBI, RBI, ROC(Registered Valuers), IT Act, FEMA, etc 
  • More than 300 experienced human resources across 82 cities in 22 states 
  • Registered Valuer Entity for all 3 assets classes
  • Land & Building.
  • Plant & Machinery.
  • Securities & Financial Assets.

Valuation Firm

The firm is recognized by IBBI as a Registered Valuer Entity for all three asset classes i.e. Land & Building, Plant & Machinery & Securities & Financial Assets being the 4 th entity to be recognized.

In the last years, the Entity has grown to be the largest in terms of number of Partners, with atleast 3 Partners for each Asset Class, the total strength stands at 11 and 4 of our partners are Insolvency Professionals allowing us to conduct valuation assignments with knowledge and Experience of IBC Law. With its partners also recognized as Registered Valuers under Wealth Tax Act, 1957, valuation assignments under other statutes like SARFAESI are also available to the Entity.

Valuation for all asset segments is carried out under one Roof whereby an Integrated Report is provided with common assumptions. Having undertaken 60 major assignments with Assets more than 30,000 Cr. in a vide spectrum of industries including Power, Infrastructure, EPC, Real Estate, Mineral Processing, Education, Apparel, Medical devices, Food Processing etc.

Our Offerings

  • Valuation under IBC (All Asset Classes under one roof)
    • CIRP
    • Liquidation
    • Voluntary Liquidation Individual Bankruptcy
  • Valuation under Companies Act Valuation under SARFAESI
  • Valuation for Financial Reporting
  • Independent Business Valuation Valuation
  • under SEBI Regulations Plant & Machinery
  • Valuation Services Land & Building
  • Valuation Services
  • Other Valuation Services including:
    • Valuation for Mortgage & loan
    • Valuation for Restructuring
    • Valuation for Mergers and Acquisition Valuation for Majority/Minority Shareholding
    • Valuation for Start-ups

Our Credentials