Key Heighlights

About AAA Valuation and its key highlights

Among the first four Valuation Professional Entities registered with IBBI.
AAA Valuation Professionals (I) LLP was incorporated on 6th December, 2018 and became a member of IOV Registered Valuers Foundation for all three asset classes on 25th February, 2019. The firm is registered with IBBI as a Registered Valuer Entity for all three asset classes i.e. Land & Building, Plant & Machinery & Securities & Financial Assets vide registration number IBBI/RV-E/02/2019/104 w.e.f. 8th August, 2019.

Largest Network

AAA Valuation has more than 260 experienced human resources across 82 cities in 22 states available to conduct valuation assignments across the country in a short time.

Expertise for all Asset Segments under one roof

AAA Valuation is registered as Registered Valuer Entity for all three asset classes i.e. Land & Building, Plant & Machinery & Securities & Financial Assets.

Across India Presence

We have offices at New Delhi (Head Office), Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Ludhiana, Raipur, Ranchi, Nagpur, Jaipur & Kanpur and have human resources available at 69 other cities of the country.

Our Partners

We have partners who are Registered Valuers for all three different asset classes, allowing the firm to register itself and practice as a Registered Valuer Entity for all three asset classes.

Our Partners are also recognised as ‘registered valuers’ under Wealth Tax Act, 1957

Our Teams

  • Land & Building Valuation Team
  • Plant & Machinery Valuation Team
  • Securities & Financial Assets Valuation Team
  • Specialised IBC Valuation Team
  • Marketing Team
  • HR Team
  • Information Technology Team
  • Digital Marketing Team
  • All teams are supported by Field Officers, office assistants and other support staff.
  • Specialised software for Handling Valuation


AAA Valuation has adopted a software for handling valuation assignments where all jobs are created in software and timely alerts are sent to teams for timely completion of all jobs. The software also keeps a track of man hours devoted to each assignment and checklists and formats are provided for standardisation of Valuation Reports.

Contributor of Knowledge

Partners of AAA Valuation and AAA Group are regular contributors to articles and speak regularly at various Valuation related Conferences.


CA. Ankit Goel, Founder/Partner

AAA Valuation Professionals (I) LLP is founded by CA. Ankit Goel, a leading Chartered Accountant, having 7 years of experience as Managing Partner of AKG & Co., Chartered Accountants where he has gained experience in providing financial services such as Valuation Services, Auditing, Financial Valuation, Transaction Advisory Services, Corporate Financing, Preparation of Project Reports, Loan Proposals, Restructuring of Debt, Accounting, Compliances & Assessments under Income Tax Act, Companies Act, GST, Service Tax, VAT, FEMA.

AAA Capital Services Pvt Ltd (AAACS)

AAACS is India’s Largest ‘Resolution and Enforcement Agent’ under SARFAESI Act. The company is working with all Public Sector Banks, Most Private and Co-operative Banks and ARCs and NBFCs. The company has handled more than 21,500 cases under SARFAESI at more than 100 locations across India and has more than 160 Human in more than 75 Cities in 20 States across India.

AAA Insolvency Professionals LLP (AAAIP)

AAAIP is one of the first two ‘Insolvency Professional Entity (IPE)’ to be recognised by IBBI. The firm has grown to become the largest in the country with 38 Partners across 16 States as on 1st September, 2019.