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AAA Valuation Professionals (I) LLP was incorporated on 6th December 2018 vide LLP Identification Number (LIN) AAN-6462 for the dedicated objective of providing comprehension valuation solutions. The Firm is member of IOV Registered Valuers Foundation vide Membership Number IOVRV02E1002LB (For Land & Building), Membership No. IOVRV02E1002PM (For Plant & Machinery) and Membership No. IOVRV02E1002SFA (For Securities & Financial Assets). The firm is registered with IBBI as a registered valuer entity for all three assets classes.

AAA Valuation has more than 260 experienced human resources across 82 cities in 22 states to conduct valuation assignments across the country in a short time.

All the Partners of the firm are Registered Valuers with IBBI for different Segments and have more than 30 years of experience in conducting Valuation Assignments and Provide a Comprehensive Valuation Report as per International and Indian Valuation Standards. Our partners are also recognised as registered valuer under wealth tax act, 1957.

We are a process oriented organisation utilising technology in all aspects of our activity to deliver Quick, Accurate and Independent Opinion on Valuation of Assets and Businesses. Our in house software helps us prepare reports without missing any important or material detail.

About our Group

AAA Valuation Professionals (I) LLP is promoted by the highly qualified team of professionals. These professionals also promoted by AAA Insolvency Professionals LLP, AAA Capital Services Pvt Ltd and AKG & Co., Chartered Accountants.

AAA Valuations professionals(I) LLP has been recognised by IBBI as a registered valuer entity for all three asset classes ie Land & Building, Plant & machinery and Securities & Financial assets vide registration number- IBBI/RV-E/02/2019/104 w.e.f.8th August, 2019.

AAA Insolvency Professionals LLP, is the second IPE to get registered with IBBI and the largest Insolvency Professional Entity (IPE) in the country with experience of more than 47 cases. The IPE has more than 25 partners located in across 13 States across India and they are empanelled with most banks in India as Resolution Professionals (IPs) and Liquidators.

AAA Capital Services Pvt Ltd, is the largest Enforcement Agent under SARFAESI Act in India with experience of handling over 18500 SARFAESI Cases. The company is empanelled as Enforcement Agents with all public sector and private banks and various Financial Institutions across India. Its more than 150 Employees located across more than 50 Cities in India are experts in Identification of Mortgaged Land & Building and Plant and Machinery and estimating their fair Value for maximum realisation from the sale of the assets for Banks and Financial Institutions enforcing their security interest.

AKG & Co., Chartered Accountants, is a CA Firm operating from Delhi NCR since 1984. The firm has a rich experience in Preparation of Project Reports and Projections for various Industries, Conducting Business Valuation and Brand Valuation Assignments for Companies in different Growth Phases ranging from Startups to Mature Businesses.

AAA Vision

  • To be the leader in Valuation Profession & allied practice through our core principles i.e., Ethics, Capability, Capacity ‘Thought Leadership’.
  • To provide a reliable platform for all the partners and other stakeholders for conducting Fair and Unbiased opinion on Valuation of assets across various segments.
  • To conduct Independent Valuation Assignments through concerted efforts to have a positive socio-economic impact.
  • To provide distinctive service while developing and maintaining professional independence, Ought Integrity and professional knowledge.

AAA Mission

  • To provide One Stop Solution for Conducting Independent Valuation across all segments.
  • To build capacity and spread presence across the country and across all sectors.
  • To develop skills and earn experience across all segments of Valuation practice.
  • To be known as leaders in providing cost effective world-class professional services catering to Indian and global market.